Participate in the Aon Campus Study

Participate in the Campus Study

Aon Campus Study 2018-19

Steps for Participation:
1.    Please confirm your participation at the earliest via e-mail.
       Write to or or 
2.    Post confirmation we will send you Data Collection Kit for the survey.
3.    Complimentary Report will be provided to all participants
4.    Customized report details provided in the offer document attached

Participation Timelines:

  1. Last date for Data Submission: 5th October 2018

Report Release:

  1. Lite Report (MBA analysis only): December 2018
  2. Detailed Report (For all qualifications): February 2019

Download Questionnaire

Participation Benefits

Complimentary survey report with:

1.    Market trends and in-depth analysis
2.    Complete data confidentiality

Customized Report:

1.    Industry-wise insights 
2.    Peer group selection
3.    Tier/College selection

The Aon Campus Study Team