Aon Hewitt Manufacturing Industry Rewards Conference 2016

Anadi Pande

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Anadi Pande
Professor of Strategic Management, IIM Lucknow

Anadi Pande is a unique amalgam of industry and academia. He worked with Tata Motors Ltd. for almost sixteen years in various plants and offices. He was identified for leadership positions through a fast track scheme of the company. He was Head of Assembly Factory, Head of Projects and Chief negotiator of wage settlement with the Labour Union in the last assignment at TML, Lucknow.

He then joined IIM Lucknow as Associate Professor in Strategic Management and became the 'Best Teacher' twice during a career of almost six years. He taught and researched Strategy creation and organizational changes to align and implement strategy.

Career Facts and Other Highlights
He then moved to Hero Honda for eight years where he was Head of HRM and Corporate Strategy. He successfully negotiated 4 wage agreements with the Labour Unions. He also restructured most people processes to enable the company to compete successfully. He also set up the Haridwar plant with unique strategy, structures and processes.

 The plant is a cash cow for the company. He negotiated the licensing (separation) agreement with Honda in 2010 and subsequently built strategic technological alliances. In 2014 he was motivated by Mr. AM Naik of L&T, Mumbai to lead corporate initiatives. After a brief stint with L&T, he joined IIM Lucknow as Professor of Strategic Management.

His courses and teaching continue to be sought after. He has applied deep thoughts and management theories to solve real world business problems while aligning HR processes and structures to ensure successful execution. He has once again moved to Industry to Hero Cycles where he is supporting the transformation of strategy and people processes. He has since returned to his role as a Professor of Strategic management.



Aon Hewitt Manufacturing Industry Rewards Conference 2016

23rd November 2016

The Leela, Gurgaon

9:30 am to 5.30 pm.

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