The Best Employers Jury

Aon Best Employers India 2016 Jury

As we talk about businesses being capable and we talk about Make in India, it is important that all organizations learn to leverage the best out of their Human Resources."
Dr. Santrupt Misra

"Happy to see that this year other than the IT, ITes, BFSIs which normally do a lot of Engagement work, lot of mining, and manufacturing companies are coming in and that’s where India’s growth will pick up. We need to be talking about increasing our manufacturing capabilities and look at the HR aspect considering that we have such a large young population, that needs to be motivated, kept interested, engaged."
Ms. Renu Sud Karnad

"The Study brings out:

(a) the need to have practices that are focused on employees, check their maturity level for how good they are.
(b) from our target audience i.e; the employees who would be able to hear whether those practices are actually working on ground.
Also deliberations at times were intense, and we didn’t know the names of the companies as we deliberated and spoke about some of the nuances and some of the practices and thinking that came out, it’s been a very-very fulfilling experience.
Mr. Raman Roy

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