Insights from Best Employers 2018

Aon Best Employers: News and Insights on emerging trends in the business landscape in India Inc.

Insights from Best Employers 2018

Aon Best Employers India 2018: Human Capital Scan

Consistent agility is no longer a choice. It is an imperative for the #NextGenOrg

With the 2018 edition of the Aon Best Employers study, we are working towards decoding what it takes to be ‘Consistently Agile’. In that context, let’s look at what the Best Employer indicators have to tell us.

Our research shows that while the Best Employers have begun their journey towards creating an agile organization, there is a long journey ahead to be able to create a consistently agile organization. A closer look into the focus areas highlighted by employees at the Best, helps us understand the future building blocks of the #NextGenOrg.

Here is a sneak peak of the insights from our Human Capital Scan 2018.



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