Insights from Best Employers 2018

Best Employers India 2018 Country Report

Aon Best Employers India Country Report 2018

We are proud to present the eleventh edition of Aon’s flagship study in Asia: Best Employers India 2018. Through our research, we know that high employee engagement not only delivers greater shareholder value, but it also reduces staff turnover and improves customer satisfaction. Aon began the Best Employers research in Asia in 2001 to provide insights into how organizations can create real competitive advantage through people and explore the contours of what makes a workplace of choice. 

Our 18 years of Best Employers study in Asia, backed with engagement research of over  7,300 global organizations , supports the striking evidence: having a high level of Employee Engagement, a Compelling Employer Brand, Effective Leadership and a High Performance Culture translates into a committed and productive workforce that delivers stronger business results.

This report provides a deep-dive into our observations, supporting practices and outcome on the findings of 2018 Best Employer study. We know that the journey to becoming a Best Employer is a unique experience for each organization, and we hope you continue successfully on this journey.

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