Insights from Best Employers 2016

Beating the Future Talent Risks

Beating the Future Talent Risks

Last year we concluded the 2015 edition of the study by indicating that the stepping stones for Best Employers’ success in building a compelling workplace included:

a. Protecting work related basics and creating meaningful work

b. Commitment towards living the organization promise through behaviors which are encouraged through performance expectations and recognition; and

c. Having leaders who embody and foster a culture that is energizing and engaging

This year, our research concludes that beyond the above 3 criteria, Best Employers are indeed focusing on future-proofing their organizations against possible talent risks.

Given the improvement and sustenance drivers of Best Employers vis-à-vis the Market, following key insights show us the path to future, and where even Best Employers need to step-up:


Dimensions to Imagineering 2020

1) Collaboration takes center-stage
Collaboration at the workplace is amongst Top 3 sustenance drivers for Best Employers. However, it is not the top most, which points towards the future journey for Best Employers.

2) Balance Work & Life
Work-life Balance is an improvement driver for Best Employers despite its high scores. This represents employees’ rising expectations towards better work-life integration enabled through omnipresent technology.

3) Inspirational Leaders and Steller Reputation Count
Brand and Senior Leadership are amongst Top 4 improvement drivers for the Market. 

4) Rewards & Recognition Matters
Best Employers have created the highest gap against the Market Average on Rewards & Recognition (13%) validating the positive experience created for the employee. However, it is still their top most improvement driver, signifying hurdles of the journey yet to be traveled. Best Employers are seemingly more prepared for this.

5) Raise the Bar of 'Delivery of Promise'
Market Average scores have interestingly improved across all engagement drivers, with the maximum increase on Brand and Career Opportunities. 

This indicates market is catching up with key differentiators of the past. Hence, Best Employers need to raise their “delivery of promise” and focus on creation of purposeful organizations. 

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