Insights from Best Employers 2016

The Story Today

The Story Today. Best Employers Lead the Pack

The 2016 study continues to indicate a commanding positon for the Best Employers on the 4 pillars of the study vis-à-vis the market. 


  • The focus on employer branding continues to grow in India as it continues to be among the top improvement drivers for the market
  • Effective Leadership gaps have widened across the Best Employers and the Market average since we introduced the 4 pillars. Clearly, Best Employers leverage their people leaders to drive culture, reinforce organizational values and create an engaging environment
  • Within Performance Culture, while the managers’ role and career growth aspects are closing in for Best Employers and the market; Best Employers continue to create the highest gap on Rewards & Recognition vis-à-vis the market

There is irrefutable data supporting Best Employers’ financial performance against the market index. As we gaze into the future, we need to identify those who will continue to hold their heads above rising tides, and stand tall to whatever the ever-changing dimensions of business breakthroughs, talent shifts and nature of work have to offer.

Is India Inc. Ready for the Future?

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