Insights from Best Employers 2016

Building Blocks for Future Best Employers

Building Blocks for Future Best Employers

Our research indicated the ‘Need to Imagineer’ to get ready for what’s to come and the same being centered around:

  • Creating organizations designed for future
  • Creating work culture to deliver 10X impact
  • Managing the young, the old and the connected

In our view, HR will face the following three critical challenges in their readiness for this future. Their ability to influence and lead change in this journey will determine their success.

Challenge 1: Pre-empt and solve the TEAM conundrum!

In an increasingly networked and complex world, organizations of the future will work in smaller and diverse teams (“if a team couldn’t be fed with 2 pizzas, it is too big” – Jeff Bezos Rule). These teams will be more multi-faceted and cross-functional, though not necessarily the most effective in solving problems. Team’s inability to work cohesively will impact the desired business outcomes of Speed, Agility and Innovation.

Challenge 2: Enable the new-age WORK & LEARNING techniques!

Future of work revolves around one’s ability to learn and adapt as one creates. Depth of solving every small part of the problem will be bartered with quicker decision-making and iterative learning techniques. Technology will be omnipresent, and work processes will undergo significant shift due to automation and artificial intelligence. Man &machine will look for confluence; learning will be on-demand and just-in-time to deliver 10X impact.

Best talent will work on the best job (agnostic of the employer).

Challenge 3: Relearn the art of MANAGING Brand and People!

Future of managing talent will be driven by individual choices, and traditional control & command practices will be abhorred. People managers will have to learn to be “coaches” since fewer people will work directly with them in a networked organization. Critical talent will expect deeper and differentiated methods to receive rewards and recognition.

Future Building Blocks of Best Employers

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