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Insights from Aon Best Employers India 2015

Insights from Aon Best Employers India 2015

The long-term outlook for India is slowly but surely moving from a state of cautious optimism of the past few years, to an almost upbeat enthusiasm for the future. Growth remains a priority for CEOs across the board, and 95% of CEOs surveyed as part of the Best Employers study have said their business is in a state of rapid (41%) or steady (54%) growth.

However, while the focus continues to be on growth, majority of the CEOs continue to watch the market factors closely and stay focused on the operational efficiency and effectiveness lessons learnt from the past.

With a view to support an agenda of growth and alertness, a heavy majority of surveyed CEOs identified talent acquisition, retention, and inadequate leadership capability as key apprehensions for the future. Consequently, a robust leadership setting the agenda for the future, driving a high performance culture, sustaining high levels of employee engagement and continuously working towards delivering on a compelling employee brand experience becomes more critical than ever before.

This year's Best Employers study highlighted that employee scores across all four pillars have seen an increase from last year for both Best Employers and India average organizations.

The focus on Employer branding has been rapidly growing over the years in companies in India. This is driven by the need for organizations to continuously work towards attracting fresh talent and at the same time deliver an authentic brand aligned experience for existing employees. Secondly, though Best Employers are driving sharp focus on a performance based culture, the average organizations still have some improvements to make in this area. One aspect is in the area of rewards for high performers where employees continue to emphasize on the need for greater fairness and transparency in the process. Biggest gap between Best Employers and other organizations exist on the Effective Leadership pillar. Here as well, the need for leaders to paint a compelling vision for the future continues to be a key differentiator.

Overall, the study highlighted a positive trajectory for India Inc. However, given the rapid pace of change we are going through it is important to note that to sustain development, organizations will need to ensure they are adapting to the times proactively.

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