About the Program

Construct of the Study

Framework of the Study:

Aon Hewitt believes that every organization has its own unique journey to become a Best Employer. a robust evaluation framework based on the principles of ‘Intent-Design-Experience’ was created to identify the Best Employers. Aon Hewitt’s research indicates all three are equally important and in alignment to create a real competitive advantage through people. A rigorous analysis is run on the inputs captured to measure the alignment between Intent-Design- Experience for all participating organizations. A shortlisted set is taken through an intense on-site audit to validate the details provided and look for innovative practices that truly differentiate these organizations. These details are normalized against Aon Hewitt Process Maturity framework and presented to an external panel of an unbiased jury. The jury comprising corporate and academic community arrives at the final list of India Best Employers, with Aon Hewitt playing a facilitator role during this evaluation. Client names are masked during this process, and revealed to the jury only post final selection.

Construct of the Study

Our construct for what constitutes a "Best Employer" is based on the following four pillars. In addition, Best Employers differentiate themselves with clear organizational alignment between the business strategy, HR programs and their implementation.

High Employee Engagement
Compelling Employer Brand

Effective Leadership
High Performance Culture


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