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Talent Solutions for Family-Led Businesses

In today’s competitive environment, innovation is an essential tool to survive and thrive. Over the next five years, family businesses in India view continuous innovation as their biggest challenge. They have also recognised the need to establish good governance as a baseline, preserve “family gravity”, identify and develop both family and non-family talent, and bring discipline to top-level succession for gaining competitive edge. At Aon, we understand that addressing these challenges would place your organisation in a growth-oriented path.

Entrepreneurs and Family Businesses highlight unique people challenges specific to growth and long-term sustainability of family-led enterprises   At Aon, we believe that effective family business transformation needs:

  1. Alignment of family values with vision, strategy, processes, structure, culture and capabilities 
  2. Robust leadership at the top level; working with promoters and families is a necessary condition to ensure transformation
  3. Requisite focus on talent, leadership and people processes that ensure longevity;
  4. Family governance and systems ensuring long-term business sustainability as the primary driver rather than wealth distribution only
  5. Disproportionate high focus on renewal forces through continuous capability building 
We can help you transform your organisation by:
  1. Ensuring sustainability and organisation longevity
  2. Aligning governance, structure, culture, processes and talent to ensure growth
  3. Free senior leadership and entrepreneur time for future and long-term strategy turnaround
  4. Aligning and engaging leadership and people to organisation’s vision and mission
  5. Attracting, retaining and developing suitable talent 
  6. Building HR and managerial capability 
We understand challenges of Family-Led Businesses 
  • We have partnered and helped leading family businesses houses in India evolve into mature HR organisations. 
  • Our point of view on family businesses encompass success factors for a large-scale change program
  • Our methodology ensures that people drive change rather than a top-driven exercise
  • Our research across several clients over last two decades has helped us refine and evolve our point of view to suit client needs
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