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Change the game: the T20 format of driving high performance

23 Jul 2018 by  Swadha Ojha

International test cricket was the mecca for cricket fans in the 1990s. The quality of play and its “stability” was indulgingly appreciated by its cult following. The T20 format, in contrast, is a vast transformation. The dynamism of the format, nimble talent, and fast pace of the game has brought an enormous thrill to its growing fan base. Come to think of it, companies have had to go through a format transformation of their own – from mature and unwavering mammoths to agile, nimble, and ever-adapting entities. In such a scenario, one of the biggest game changers for success has been attracting managing and retaining the best talent.

As the millennials give way to Gen Z and businesses get disrupted by innovations, there is a need to continuously align the workforce with business priorities, empower them, and provide real-time feedback. This has impacted the way performance is being managed across organizations.

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Swadha Ojha