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How Can Employer Brand Perception Meet Reality?

15 Dec 2017 by  Yamini Maheshwari, Shruti Chhibber, Tan Ghim Wee

Perception drives all aspects of our lives—from the phone we buy to the airlines we choose to fly and in our big life decisions, such as our friends, career, or even a life partner.

This is why, in our different career stages, we find our list of dream employers evolving. Early in our careers, we may look for an employer with a swanky workplace, opportunities to learn, and attractive pay packages. As we progress, we start to look at an employer’s industry leadership, unique work culture that lets you make a mark, or with a forward mind-set to become a market disruptor.
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Yamini Maheshwari, Shruti Chhibber, Tan Ghim Wee