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The Next-Generation CHROs: Three-pronged focus for the future

16 Apr 2018 by  Sandeep Chaudhary

HR must refresh and reboot to actualize culture, future-proof the business through capability, deliver on experience and aspirations, enable high performance, and influence change.

Although competition is a consistent theme in business literature, the pace of change has quickened in the last several decades. Recent literature, business press, and the popular press refer to this phenomenon as hyper-competition, signifying a new paradigm of business. Traditional goals of cost and quality, timing and know-how, and deep pockets have been diluted as competitive and strategic advantages are ephemeral. The ‘art of disruption’ has been discussed many times over across the globe with Uberization and Netflixing as new buzz words. Given that disruption is the norm, the organizational system (ready talent cohorts in a company) need to play an active role in sustained, redesigned, and sometimes ground zero up value creation models. 

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Sandeep Chaudhary