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ARTq | Vol 1 - Issue 2

14 Aug 2019  by   Anandorup Ghose

You are possibly picking up this copy of our quarterly as you take your seat at our 12th Annual Performance and Rewards Conference. Those of you who have been regulars at this conference must have noticed that over a period this event has transformed from a confluence of client experiences and learnings to us bringing to you our original research and perspectives for the audience.

The Confusing Campus Compass – Whom Should You Hire?

22 Feb 2018  by   Anandorup Ghose

We want to believe that principles and logic guide actions. And consequently, you want to believe that pay and hiring trends across technical, business and legal campuses (to name a few) should follow the economic trends and job situation in the country as a whole. But here is where the campus compass does a wild jig.

Looking back at 2017, and the year ahead in the job market.

02 Jan 2018  by   Anandorup Ghose

There is, unfortunate as it may be, a degree of "fadchasing" in our world of HR. Every year there is a new idea that swims to the top of all conversations and often core questions that need to be answered get lost in the chase of this new idea. If 2016 was the year of the bell curve, 2017 was the year of AI and machine learning.

ImagineeringTomorrow: To the ballet class

05 Jan 2017  by   Anandorup Ghose

As India adds close to a million people to the working population every month, it is critical for the economy to constantly add jobs.

A new positive tension in HR

16 Jun 2016  by   Anandorup Ghose

Does the future of HR lie in using strict data to judge and grow the right talent? Anandorup Ghose, Partner, Aon Hewitt India shares his insights in People Matters.

Should End-of-Year Performance Appraisals Be Dumped For Good?

27 Apr 2016  by   Anandorup Ghose

The performance appraisal system is increasingly being viewed by companies as a futile exercise. This article digs deeper to evaluate the possible reasons for why the system is being viewed as a failure.

Facts and trends in compensation globally

07 Apr 2016  by   Anandorup Ghose

Global compensation trends that are likely to be top most in the minds of most compensation managers.

Budget 2016 expectations: What employees want; top 4 key points to note

23 Feb 2016  by   Anandorup Ghose

The article talks about the four sets of parameters that come up as core expectations in any Union Budget.