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Discount Rate Movement in Q2 2017 and impact on Employee Benefit Liabilities

18 Jul 2017  by   Chitra Jayasimha

The 10-Year zero coupon Government bond yields have fallen by 22 bps since March 2017 and by 54 bps since March 2016. We are seeing somewhat stable bond yields across all tenures since demonetization where we saw a large dip in the government bond yields falling up to 149 bps during that period. The discount rates have been very volatile during the last 4 quarters. Due to demonetization the zero coupon bonds saw decrease in yields during Sep 16 to Dec 16 followed by increase in the next Quarter ending March 2017.

Impact of Demonetization on Employee Benefit liabilities & Exempt Provident Fund Trusts

16 Dec 2016  by   Chitra Jayasimha

The current scenario with tight liquidity and RBI cuts can have an adverse effects on employee benefits liabilities.