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The Indian IT and ITeS industries’ salaries will suffer due to US Gov’s trade policies this year

06 Mar 2017  by   Business Insider India

Business Insider got in touch with Abhishek Sen, Director & Industry Lead IT & ITeS, Aon Hewitt Consulting for insights on the salary increase projections for the IT/ITeS sector.

Budget 2017: Implications for HR and talent-related initiatives

06 Feb 2017  by   Aon Hewitt Knowledge Center

The impact of the unprecedented “demonetisation” efforts of the government, the downgrading of the IMF’s India growth outlook and continued challenges with the ease of doing business in India had combined to make the presentation of this year’s budget a much looked forward to event.

ImagineeringTomorrow: The Talent Network

30 Jan 2017  by   Abhishek Sen

What is Collaboration of the future? How would people collaborate in gig economies? How would structures change to accommodate a collaborative environment? These questions are answered here.

ImagineeringTomorrow: Future of the Workplace

23 Jan 2017  by   Tarandeep Singh

Increasing number of CEOs are facing the heat of business disruption across multiple channels of their value chain. In the context of these changes, CEOs highlight following top 5 talent risks to their business.

Changes in capital gains tax structure will impact ESOPs

16 Jan 2017  by   Anubhav Gupta

How decisions in the budget regarding tax on short term capital gains will impact shareholders and companies.

ImagineeringTomorrow: Creating success with new economy partners

06 Jan 2017  by   Tarandeep Singh

We asked a group of Imagineers to share thoughts on how they would structure and ready an organization to harness the potential of Shared and Gig Economy. Three guiding principles emerged from the discussion.

ImagineeringTomorrow: To the ballet class

05 Jan 2017  by   Anandorup Ghose

As India adds close to a million people to the working population every month, it is critical for the economy to constantly add jobs.

Fixing performance management

22 Dec 2016  by   Sandeep Chaudhary

To completely do away with performance ratings for employees is to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Impact of Demonetization on Employee Benefit liabilities & Exempt Provident Fund Trusts

16 Dec 2016  by   Chitra Jayasimha

The current scenario with tight liquidity and RBI cuts can have an adverse effects on employee benefits liabilities.

Micro Finance: Money with Meaning

MFIs need to adopt methods similar to the ones employed by banks and NBFCs for baselining pay and pushing performance.