About Aon Hewitt Think Tank

About Aon Hewitt Think Tank

In 2012, Aon Hewitt in association with a group of progressive thinkers, academicians and practitioners conceptualized the Think Tank Research Program.

Aon Hewitt Think Tank’s mission is to encourage and support world-class, India-specific research in the areas of HR and Leadership with an objective to:

  1. Attract the best talent to pursue India-specific research on HR and Leadership
  2. Support high quality research through:
    • Direct and indirect financial assistance
    • Better access to data  from the industry
    • Ongoing guidance and mentoring from senior academicians and industry professionals
  3. Act as a center for discussion and dissemination of research on HR and Leadership in India

Work Streams:

  1. Generate research themes based on relevance to industry and selection of the right talent to undertake research: 
  1. Agree on 2-3 research ideas we want to support
  2. Identify the scholars whose interests match with the themes identified by Think Tank
  3. Connect with the CEOs to get their inputs on relevant research themes
  4. Organize industry-academia meetings to translate practical problems faced by industry into researchable questions
  5. Support Action Research methodology 
  1. Improve access to the industry for quality research 
  1. Drive 'research orientation' in industry through CEO conclaves and industry forums to build appreciation for research
  2. Build awareness in the industry on problem solving through different research methodologies
  3. Involve senior business leaders as sponsors for each research topic
  4. Support data collection efforts of each scholar through organizational infrastructure and networks
  5. Provide direct and indirect financial assistance to selected scholars
  6. Explore institutional support to position Think Tank as a Center for Excellence for HR and Leadership 
  1. Ensure research output of highest quality 
  1. Facilitate thorough review of the research proposals by competent groups and individuals
  2. Create a robust structure for ongoing mentoring and guidance from academia and industry
  3. Provide best practice guidelines and lay down quality process for scholars 
  1. Build different platforms for dissemination of high quality, India-specific research in the areas of HR and Leadership 
  1. Tie up with a reputed journal for publication of research output or launch own journal on HR and Leadership in collaboration with a leading academic institute
  2. Launch an annual event (like a Research Olympics) around selected themes where scholars are invited to participate and share their research with the industry