Turning On the Microphone

30 Jan 2018 by  Yamini Maheshwari Sapra and Ajith Nair

Continuous Listening and Beyond

Fact : Almost all CEOs agree that employees are an organisation’s most important asset
Fact : Almost all organisations monitor financial, operational and customer metrics at least daily
Fact : Only 11% of organisations with 1,000 or more employees measure engagement more than once a year

In today’s dynamic business environment, measurement of employee engagement, culture, and the general work experience only once a year, or even less frequently can cripple organisations. Just as leaders want to listen more continuously, employees want to be continuously heard.

What is needed is ‘Continuous Listening’ - where feedback is gathered more broadly across the employee lifecycle and at much more frequent intervals. Imagine a system where employees can give instant ‘likes’ every time they have a good experience, and vice versa.

 How to make it Work

The first requirement is for the organisation to be curious, courageous and comfortable with technology. Willingness to answer questions like “How often should we survey employees?” or “Won’t employees get mad if we survey more often?” with new methods and technology has to be nurtured.

To help in this process, Aon’s Modern Survey platform makes it possible for the organisation to adopt more frequent and real-time surveys backed by integrated reporting.

This has to be followed by a series of systematic steps to set in place a robust feedback system. Here’s how…

It is imperative to be able to analyse data emerging from Continuous Listening ecosystems to string together a meaningful story. Technology like Aon’s Heat Dashboard can help pull information from various survey sources together. These key takeaways need to be mapped back to organisational objectives and action initiated thereof.

Change Come Fast, and It Will Only Accelerate

The exponentially increasing thirst for employee data and input, is likely to replace the annual survey as we know it, by more frequent feedback loops. Digital and mobile technologies will enable organisations to access more employees, more frequently, and more accurately. The next few years are likely to see a huge acceleration in this direction.
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Yamini Maheshwari Sapra
Senior Consultant – Engagement & Culture
Aon India Consulting

Ajith Nair
Aon Hewitt India Consulting

Yamini Maheshwari Sapra and Ajith Nair