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22 Jan 2018  by   Tarandeep Singh and Ajith Nair

The proportion of millennials in corporate workforces is steadily increasing. As they move up the ranks, companies will have to transition from managing them to employing millennials as managers

The Elements of a Great Candidate Experience

15 Jan 2018  by   Tarandeep Singh and Ajith Nair

The war for talent is steadily increasing in intensity. With rising job opportunities, top candidates are using their pre-hire experience to decide on where they want to work. However, a massive 46% of candidates rate their applicant experience as poor or very poor.

Wired For Engagement

02 Jan 2018  by   Tarandeep Singh and Ajith Nair

Here’s a statistic that every HR professional must know: Research has shown that a 5% increase in employee engagement results in a 3% revenue upside in a year. Juxtaposed with the fact that globally only 24% of employees are “Highly Engaged” and 39% “Moderately Engaged”, it’s critical for organisations aspiring to produce elite results to challenge the status quo.

Engagement Outliers

12 Dec 2017  by   Tarandeep Singh and Ajith Nair

“How can we achieve top quartile levels of employee engagement?” This is a question every CEO is asking his business leaders and the HR head.Why? Because the top 25% of companies in terms of employee engagement scores, consistently deliver higher revenue growth and shareholder returns.