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Advances in Assessment & Selection

05 Feb 2018  by   Tarandeep Singh and Vishal Singh

Assessment of candidates for jobs and internal postings today is a far cry from the days of written tests with multiple choice questions. A combination of increasing focus on ‘fitment’, organisational requirements, technology advancements, and candidate expectations is driving a sea change in how we measure a person’s or team’s capabilities.

High-Potential or No Potential?

29 Nov 2017  by   Tarandeep Singh and Vishal Singh

High-Potentials are an organization’s most coveted resources. It is well recognized that theyhelp ensure growth, innovation and effective succession planning. Today, “HiPo” has taken its place alongside “engagement,” “bandwidth,” “sustainability,” and “transparency” in the 21st century corporate lexicon. However, many organizations do not define what exactly it means to be a High-Potential and how to manage them efficiently.