CEO Research Study 2018

CEO Research Study 2018

Employee Engagement from the CEOs’ Lens - CEO Research Insights 2018

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Today, more than half of organizations survey all their employees, but only about one-third explicitly address the matter of ‘engagement’ albeit to varying degrees. Surprisingly few, however, then go on to action the data they collect in a way that is linked to specific business outcomes. In most cases, organizations try to improve individual scores but they neither prioritize areas that need to be addressed nor do they focus their efforts in an efficient manner so that the greatest gains are made from ever decreasing resources. Most often than not, employee engagement becomes an elusive concept because no one in the organization knows whose responsibility is it.

Amid this missed responsibility, in the current business scenario, there has been a dearth of conclusive research on the role a CEO plays in owning and driving employee engagement across the organization, especially in the Indian context.

Although engagement has enjoyed a rapid ascent to prominence, the role and efficacy of the CEO in driving and owning it remains unclear. Hence, the current study intends to capture the essence of this identified gap.

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Objectives of the Study:

  • The CEO’s perception of employee engagement
  • The CEO’s role and effectiveness in driving employee engagement
  • To understand how they leverage employee engagement to achieve business outcomes
  • To measure their degree of involvement in employee engagement strategy creation and implementation
  • To understand their perceived sense of accountability/responsibility regarding the same
  • To derive their understanding of the role of HR/manager/employee in driving employee engagement

Survey Respondents:

  • 100 CEOs from 20 industries across India took part in the study.
  • The respondents answered 14 survey items using multiple choice selection & ranking method

The study indicates a need for an Ecosystem to Enable Sustainability of Employee Engagement in Organizations. It also opens up an opportunity for discussions with CEOs to find out:

  • Why do CEOs not see themselves as the Key Influencer of Employee Engagement in an organization?
  • Why do CEOs who see themselves as the Key Influencer of Employee Engagement, not create an environment that supports Engagement?
  • While CEOs hold Managers & Leaders accountable to drive Engagement, why are engagement results not shared with these stakeholders?
  • Gap between Commitment & Action emerges as the biggest challenge in driving Engagement. How are these stakeholders expected to drive Engagement being unaware of Engagement Scores, Trends & Focus Areas?
  • Why have organizations not been able to build Internal/Leadership Capability to drive Engagement despite a key expectation of HR being capability development?