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High Potential, No Potential

Assessing For Your Future Superstar Leaders
There is no question that identifying high-potential leaders is an important part of any mature organisational succession plan. High-Potentials are the most coveted resource because they bring new ideas, innovation, and vision, and they get stuff done. Top Companies are deeply committed to ensuring that these immensely valuable individuals are identified, developed, retained, and promoted according to the desired trajectory.

But while “HiPo” has taken its place alongside “engagement,” “bandwidth,” “sustainability,” and “transparency” in the 21st century corporate lexicon, many organisations do not have a firm grasp of what exactly it means to be a High-Potential.

Confusing high performance with potential, failing to discuss the topic of potential, and bias are three of the biggest barriers that stand in the way of the creation of effective succession plans with a segmented cast of High-Potentials.

This whitepaper aims to help you assess whether your employees have:
- The ability to step up and take a leading role at your organisation 
- The agility to move from the supporting actor position to superstar
- The aspiration to take on the extra responsibilities and attention that go with being in the spotlight

You will be able to very effectively identify who should stay where they are and who is ready for their close-up.

Hi-Potential or No Potential? Download the White Paper