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Top Companies for Leaders 2011 Study

As the most comprehensive global study on organisational leadership practices, this insights report will help you understand more about the link between a business' financial success and great leadership.

The need for effective leadership is unprecedented, with the rapid pace of economic and business change, new ways of thinking and behaving are required to achieve success. So how do you know if your organisation's leaders are ready for current challenges and what lies ahead? And what are the top employers doing to assess, select, develop and reward their leaders to attract and retain the best?

The Aon Hewitt Top Companies for Leaders study will help your organisation answer these questions and more. As the most comprehensive global research exploring leadership issues, participating companies will gain insights on how to develop leaders and how the best grow and sustain their leadership pipelines. You will also have the opportunity to examine how your leadership practices are affecting your financial results. Since its inception in 2002, more than 2,000 organisations worldwide have participated in this biannual study, ensuring comprehensive results across a wide range of industries utilising Aon Hewitt's robust research methodology.

Participating organisations

478 organisations participated in the 2011 global study. Contact Aon Hewitt for more information.