From the CEO's Desk

From the CEO's Desk

The last few months’ global and economic developments have surprised everyone. The anticipated business impact of Brexit, the recent changes in the US Government or the mixed response around demonetization in India – the tone has been set for another exciting ride, as we draw the curtains on the year that went by.

These big shifts are adding to the collective anxiety with business disruptions. Business disruptions are not limited to technology alone. Employees and their approach to work is also getting impacted. New-kids-on-the block meteoric rise business stories, millennials shaping the new models of engagement, machines replacing humans – tells you how urgent is the need for organizational change. The challenge is – how do we ‘Imagineer’ it?

The first step perhaps is the ‘Agility to Unlearn’. Organizations need to shift their focus from managing people to managing cultures. The mindset needed is of simplicity, convenience, efficiency and differentiation for customers. Organizations need to replicate the same experience for their own employees.

On the home front, we had a proud moment celebrating two decades in India and this journey makes us feel more excited about the future. We have remained humble and continued to invest in improving our existing capabilities and adding newer ones. Our recent acquisition of CoCubes, gives us a unique advantage to address the employability challenge in India. With this strategic partnership, we have signed up for the ‘Skill India’ initiative.

This edition of Talentscapes Quarterly carries an exclusive interview with Navin Agarwal, Chairman, Vedanta Limited & Cairn India Limited. Under his leadership, Vedanta is enhancing its cultural mindset, celebrating diversity and embracing digitization rapidly. The big takeaway is that it aligns with modernity, yet continues to preserve its original values and purpose.

It’s been a busy year last year with big breaking news stories as the backdrop for accelerating pace of organizational change, discussions on diversity and work automation. We are at the cusp of a future that will not follow a universal linear trajectory. We will continue to stimulate this discussion with you and sharpen our focus on helping you comprehend and be prepared for the unexplored.

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Sandeep Chaudhary
Chief Executive Officer,
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