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Trend Check : The ABC of Childcare Support Programs

Childcare problems, one of the most significant predictors of absenteeism and low productivity is no longer a women’s only problem, it is indeed a family problem. And the organizations that understand and prepare for this social change by offering some kind of sponsored assistance in childcare support will have the competitive edge tomorrow.

Research shows that organizations offering childcare support programs benefit in all areas that matter – employee productivity, recruitment, retention and engagement. There are multiple models that can be adopted by corporates based on their needs. A few prevalent models of sponsored childcare services are showcased in the table at the bottom.

Organizations may also choose a hybrid childcare model wherein an organization may provide an exclusive or a non-exclusive day care facility depending upon the office location, cost implication and needs of the employees.

Taking the First Steps…

Introducing the childcare program may seem like a radical change, however, in the face of compelling demographical statistics, competition from employers that already offer such programs and the recent change in the Maternity Act, organizations today may have little choice.

Where they do have a choice is in designing a program that is best suited to their individual organization’s needs by studying the profile and day care preferences of the target group of employees. Organizations can seek assistance from childcare consultants that offer many services like establishing research & referral programs for day cares to even creating and operating a childcare facility. Those organizations that intend to be employers of choice will lead the way with innovative & comprehensive childcare support programs that make sense.


Poonam Chopra,
Senior Consultant,
Aon Hewitt Consulting

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