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Dear Reader,

We are proud to present to you the 20th issue of the Total Rewards Quarterly, which also coincides with the 10th Annual Rewards Conference. We are extremely proud of this conference and hope this year’s conference lives up to its expectations like every year.

We have, over the last one year, been worrying about the nature of changes in the rewards landscape with the onset of technology and other productivity measures. And to hear our experts talk about it, we invited a few of India’s best thinkers on compensation. We put them in a room and badgered them with hundreds of questions for us to get a direction in terms of what we should be advising our clients. It was of enormous value to us, and we decided to put up some of our conversations in the Quarterly for you to benefit also from the ideas that this team expressed.

We have over the last few months closed a massive study with more than 350 companies on executive pay levels and practices across India. The study, albeit annual, has been able to capture data and information from some of the largest companies in India. We believe the insights that we are able to generate from this study will truly help companies and executives form a clear strategy on executive remuneration.

We are excited to present two key research topics concluded recently – The Employee Preference Survey and The Correlation between Compensation and Employee Engagement.

We hope that you find these results interesting as well to take back to your organization. We also made it a point in this year's Quarterly to speak a bit about post maternity and childcare because with the new government regulations around it, this topic is very much in the news right now and is much talked about in the work circles.

Please let us know your feedback on the conference as well as this Total Rewards Quarterly. We are glad to have you join us and look forward to a continuing partnership.

Anandorup Ghose
Partner – Talent & Rewards,
Aon Hewitt Consulting

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