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Executive Summary – A Buyer’s Market

Aon Campus Study 2017-18 has shown that it is indeed a “buyer’s market”, as the organizations are adopting a well-thought through approach towards campus strategy.
While 95% of the organizations indicate an improvement in the business performance as compared to the last fiscal, only 32% of the companies have reflected a positive increase in the number of campus hires.

In fact, a reversal trend has begun to emerge with 19.4% of the organizations (as against 16% last year), indicating a dip in the quantum of talent recruited from the campus. This decline in the human capital investment at the campus, (largely attributed to IT services, eCommerce and startup sectors) may be due to the factors such as uncertain economic conditions, structural changes, reduced funding and slashed valuations.

Along with a drop in the number of hires, the level of compensation offered at campuses has witnessed muted increases of 3% to 7% across qualifications. Pay differentials have not seen a change either. Organizations continue to offer a substantial premium for Tier 1 talent but the hype around exorbitant packages at the campus has clearly been subdued. While the crème de la crème of the educational institutes in the country have the luxury of boasting attractive compensation packages and high placement figures, the rest, which is the majority, don’t quite make the mark  
2017 has seen companies laying greater impetus on educational specializations and their application in the current business context. There is a growing demand for specialized skill sets such as artificial intelligence, robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and machine learning, etc. with companies extending a premium of 15-20% for such talent, over other qualifications. “Specialization is Key”.

Market Outlook
Muted Compensation Increases at Campuses

Market Outlook
Curbing of Early Attrition

Brand Building Initiatives at Campuses Pre-Placement Talks Continue to be the Top Tool for Brand Building

Market Outlook MBA Compensation Growth Momentum Starting to Plateau for Tier 1 Campuses​

Market Outlook B.Tech Compensation Growth Momentum Slowing Down across Tiers

Talent Mix MBA Talent Tier Mix Consistent, with a Slight Drop in Tier 1 Campus Hires

Talent Mix B.Tech Talent Tier Mix Witnessed an Uptick for Tier 1 Campuses

Compensation & Pay Mix B.Tech Campus Joining Bonus Payouts

Compensation & Pay Mix M.Tech Campus Joining Bonus Payouts


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